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61.     What should be the reactions of the client during the massage treatment?

          A pleasant relaxed feeling of euphoria

62.     In what order should massage manipulations be applied in giving a general body massage?

Effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement and nerve strokes.

63.     Names the three principal classifications of joint movements.

          Synarthrosis, amphiarthrosis, and diarthrosis.

64.     Name and describe one example of each classification.

Synarthrosis joint - immovable joint - in skull
Amphiarthrosis joint - limited range - spinal column
Diarthrosis joint - freely moveable joint (gliding, hinge, ball and socket joints i.e. wrists and ankles.

65.     Are all joints moveable?


66.     What are the functions of intervertebral discs?

          To absorb shock and allow limited movement.

67.     Where is articular fluid found?

          In the synovial cavity.

68.     What is the purpose of articular fluid?

To eliminate much of the friction that would otherwise result when bones are brought in contact with each other during movement.

69.     What is bursa and what is the function of a bursa?

Bursa is a tiny sac sometimes referred to a "tiny oil can" that is found is all diarthrosis joints, and also found between some of the muscles and underneath some of the muscle structures.   The function of a bursa is to release some of their fluid which acts as a lubricant.

70.     What is meant by sanitation?


71.     Why should massage therapists fingernails not extend beyond the pads of their fingers?

          So as not to scratch their clients.

72.     Is sanitation in the massage area good business as well as being healthful for the therapist and clients? 


73.     Why is a knowledge of anatomy necessary before one can become a truly scientific massage therapist?

The massage therapist needs to know the theory behind what they are applying.

74.     Names the structures which form the upper extremities.

          Shoulders, arms, forearms, and hands.

75.     How many bones are found in the upper arm and give their names.

          One.  Humerus

76.     How many bones are found in the forearm and give their names.

          Two.  The Ulna and the Radius.

77.     How many bones form the wrist and what are their names.

          Eight bones form the wrist.  Their names are Carpal.

78.     The brachial artery terminates by forming what other arteries?

          Radial & Ulnar

79.     The radius articulates with what other bones?

The Ulna, Humerus, for the articulation or hinge joint of the elbow as well as articulation at the wrist.

80.     What is the main purpose or function of all muscles in the arm?

          Articulation or movement.

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