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81.     Why is the triceps muscle so named?

It has 3 heads, or 3 points of contact with bones.

82.     If you "make a fist" with your hands what type of muscles are active - flexors or extensors?

83.     In massage of the upper limb what is the first type of manipulation?


84.     In a general massage, the manipulations are repeated how many times?


85.     Name the longest bone in the body.


86.     How many bones are found in the upper leg and give their names?

          One.  Femur  pronounced (Fee-Moor).

87.     How many bones are found in lower part of your leg and give their names?

         Tibia and Fibula

88.     How many tarsal bones are found in the normal human body?

          14 = 7 each side

89.     Name the largest bone in the lower leg.


90.     How many muscles make up the hamstring muscles and give their names?

          Three.  The semimembranous, semitendinous and biceps femoris.

91.     What is the largest artery in the lower extremities?

          The Femoral artery.

92.     What are the connecting links between arteries and veins?


93.     In massage of the lower extremities, the manipulations are applied in what sequence?

         Effleurage, tapotement, friction, nerve strokes

94.     Why should hacking never be used directly over the tibia?

          There is nothing between tibia and skin

95.     Tapotement consists of what five types of manipulation?

          Hacking, cupping, tapping, beating w/loose fists, slapping

96.     Name the main organs located in the thoracic cavity?

          Trachea, lungs, esophagus, thymus and the heart.

97.     What structures join the lungs to the trachea?


98.     Why is the blood in the veins darker than in the arteries?

It contains more waste matter and carbon dioxide.

99.     Name the valves located between the atria and ventricles of the heart.

Tricuspid - the valve on the right side of the heart has three little flaps; and, Bicuspid - the valve on the left side of the heart has two little flaps

100.    The head receives its main blood supply from what two arteries?

          The left and right Common Carotid arteries.

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