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More Bonus Sample Questions
for the MBLEX Exam


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Page 8 (continued):

141.    Give two reasons for having needed supplies within easy reach before starting the application of a general body massage.

Less time expenditure and it is best not to disturb the client by interruptions.

142.    True or False?  Friction to the front of the leg is applied three times from ankle to hip and back to ankle without stopping.   


143.    How are the bones of the head benefitted by massage?

Stimulates the nerves and activates the blood supply that nourishes the bones.

144.    What is the Mastoid process and what is contained in its cavities?

The part of the temporal bone that goes down behind the lower part of the ear.  In its cavities are mastoid cells or sinuses.

145.    Which arteries furnish the blood supply to the thyroid glands?

          External carotid arteries

146.    How are the capillaries of the head formed?

The same way they are formed in the entire body…from smaller to smaller arteries

147.    Contraction of what muscles causes the skin of the forehead to fold into lines or wrinkles?

          Frontalis muscle

148.    What muscle sometimes appears cord-like on each side of the neck?

          Sternocleidomastoid muscle

149.    True or False?  Does stimulating the sebaceous glands of the scalp cause "Dandruff"?


150.    How can massage of the scalp assist in relieving both dry and oily scalps?

          Restores normal conditions to the scalp.

151.    What treatment helps in the stimulation, activation, and rehabilitation of muscles, nerves and blood vessels of the head?

          Massage therapy.

152.    Why is a facial, and scalp massage more than a beauty treatment?

It is good for common type of headaches, and helps in other nervous conditions.

153.    True or false?  When pressure is applied on any nerve it can inhibit muscles and cause discomfort to your client.


154.    Why is pressure applied in petrissage of the face instead of letting fingers slide freely over the skin?

Petrissage is a kneading stroke…not gliding.  (perhaps a ‘trick question’)

155.    True or false?  Facial massage is not ordinarily a part of body massage but is a separate treatment giving many special benefits.


156.    What is meant by the therapeutic field in hydrotherapy?

          Treatment of condition by use of water.

157.    What is meant by the prophylactic field in hydrotherapy?

          Prevention of disease by use of water.

158.    How can the use of hydrotherapy give opposite reactions in the treatment of the same conditions?

          By using water of different temperatures.

159.    When the application of hydrotherapy causes a reaction such as heating or chilling on the skin surface, what reaction will be caused in the organs having nerves in the same area?

          The same reaction.

160.    The use of cold water applications is recommended in:

  1. (a) chronic conditions
  2. (b) acute conditions
  3. (c) both chronic and acute conditions

          Answer:  (c) both chronic and acute conditions

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