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Sample Massage MT Questions


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Page 9 (continued):

161.    Name two ways in which hot applications increase elimination.

Increases respiratory rate in some cases, and increases perspiration/increased elimination through the skin and through general circulatory elimination.

162.    True or false?   Cold applications are used to reduce inflammation.


163.    When applying the salt glow treatment, can friction be used?

Yes, however, friction is not the only stroke used and if you use it, it should be very light.

164.    True or false?  Five to thirty minutes is the usual length of treatment in a vapor or steam cabinet type of bath.


165.    The Saline bath is prepared with which one:
(a)   bicarbonate of soda, (b) pine needle oil, or  (c)  common salt?

          Common salt.

166.    Why are infrared rays so named?

         From the Latin word "infra" meaning below

167.    What is a third degree sunburn?

One in which tissues below the skin are damaged.

168.    True or false?  Deep therapy lamps emit ultraviolet rays.

         True.  All emit, but some are screened.

169.    What is the range of power in carbon and tungsten filament bulbs used in infrared radiation?

          200-1500 watts

170.    What effect does infrared radiation have on the muscles?

         Heats the superficial muscles.

171.    How do ultraviolet rays produce tanning of the skin?

Chemical combinations - rays stimulate cells to produce pigment

172.    What type of lamp would you use to apply heat into subcutaneous tissue with the addition of a small amount of ultraviolet radiation?

         Deep therapy.

173.    What is another term used to describe a Tonic Dose of ultraviolet radiation?

         First degree erythema.

174.    What important benefits come from producing vitamin D in the skin tissues through ultraviolet radiation?

Prevention of rickets, and assists absorption of calcium and phosphorous.

174(a).         Name the four systems of excretion.

Respiratory, skin, gastrointestinal [digestion], kidneys [urinary].

175.    True or False?  The most important function of the gastrointestinal system is that of elimination.


176.    True or false?  The large accumulation of liquids found along with excess fat in the tissues may be reduced by heat treatments.

          False. You can't reduce fat by heat or massage.

177.    What material besides liquids is removed from the body through the pores during treatment in a steam or heat type of cabinet?

          Sebaceous - oil

178.    Name two advantages of a needle spray following a heat treatment?

It takes off the oily, fatty substances and keeps the client warm.

179.    In what forms are excess fat found in the body?

         Tiny fat globules and liquid.

180.    What  effect does a Swedish Massage have on the muscles?

          It stimulates the muscles and activates the flow of blood.

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